Star List Full Color: 8-5 (Light Blonde Reddish Reflect) Hair Dye + Aroma Serum


Star List Full Color: 8-5 (Light Blonde Reddish Reflect) :Permanent Hair Dye Color Cream + Aroma Serum ***Free Shipping***


Brand : Star List Full Color : 8-5 (Light Blonde Reddish Reflect) X 1 Box


The new technology of hair dyes. Using the CSM Color Innovation.

C – small pigment molecules. It can seep into the hair shaftas well.

S – Aroma Serum help secure the long-lasting color and thepungent smell of chemicals.

M – Milky Developer Enhances the brightness andsmoothness to the hair.


And a mixture of wheat germ. A protein that gives strength to the hair.



Makes the Hair more Shiny & Boost the Color Result with Jojoba Oil

NO Parabens, ammonia, silicones, sulphate Silky &  easy use!!!


Contain for each color sets:

1. 1 X 50g (2oz) Hair Color Cream
2. 1 X 50ml (2oz) Eleganze Cream Developer 9%

Instructions: English instructions       Origin: Thailand



“startlist Permanent Hair Color” Professional Dye with SPA QUALITY100% Shine with natural Coverage Softness with no hair damageThe starlist hair color is being used by professional hair salons in Asia. Due to the high quality standard of the product it is a leading brand for professional use. With the ANYA SPA Colors you are able to provide long term coloration for your hair without worries that the color might wash out. Another benefit is that your hair becomes shiny and silky along the way in all weather conditions.


Important: Before you purchase this product please kindly read instruction carefully and if you are not sure then please kindly consult with professional hair dresser.


How to use:
  • For Dark hair type needs to do hair bleaching first before apply this hair dye,
  • If you do hair bleaching you must to leave with gold shade 1 day before do Hair Dye,
  • For Longer Length hair require to buy 2 boxes.

Please read the instructions before using so that you achieve the best color result. Wear plastic gloves and a cape to avoid any stains Long and thick hair may require 2-3 packs to apply for the first time Wait for three weeks after perming, highlighting or bleaching before coloring. before coloring hair should be clean and dry.
1.Carry out sensitivity test 24 hours before coloring (Mentioned on Every box).
2.Wash hair before coloring, DO NOT USE CONDITIONER BEFORE DO HAIR DYE.
3.Premix the color cream with the equal amount of peroxide thoroughly. ( The two tubes together)
4.Apply premix with brush on hair section by section.
5.Leave premix on hair for 20-40 minutes.
6.Rinse hair thoroughly. Note : Product design may be updated.



  • For Dark hair type (Dark brown, Brown,Black, etc…needs to do hair bleaching first before apply this hair dye)

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